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Meet Katee Blizzard
 Model | Speaker | Presenter

I help purpose-driven Business Owners, and Non-Profit Professionals Make a Greater Impact

Personal Brand Coaching

Are you ready to start using your voice to make an the impact  on this world?

If so, I want to help!

Content Creation

Are your struggling to find time to shoot photos, write blog posts, schedule social media, create content (do all of the things!)…let alone run your business?

What is Personal Branding?
Who is it for?

Personal branding allows you to develop a unique professional identity and purposeful message that sets you apart from others either in your company or in your industry.

No matter what business or career path you are in, personal branding is the thing that differentiates you from your competition   

Which one are you?

Small Business Owner

People buy from People! I am sure that you have heard this phrase before… Am I right?

If not, it’s true!
Your business starts with YOU and your audience wants to know who you are, why you started your business, and why they should pick you to spend their money with.


Today, there are MILLIONS of Influencers out there for brands to work with so it’s time to get clear on WHY they should pick YOU!

Non-Profit Professional

It’s time for your organization to GET PERSONAL! Together, we will uncover new ways to share your mission and cultivate loyal supporters.

About Katee

Katee Blizzard is on a mission to help business owners and influencers alike to put impact first!

Her focus is on working with brands that are not only selling quality products, but doing so with sustainability and ethics in mind.

After managing a team that raised $1 Million for a Children’s Hospital in 2016, she found her passion for helping businesses recognize the value of partnering with causes they care about. This element of social good helps conscious consumers to see a brand as an agent of change versus a profit-generating machine.

Now, she is on a mission use her influence for the greater good in order to support people and brands that are making an impact on our world through various collaboration opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating with Katee, please contact her at [email protected] and she will get back to you as soon as possible!


“I haven’t even implemented everything Katee advised me to do yet and still had immediate results! She’s absolutely a delight to work with.

I just read through everything. It’s amazing. I’m printing it out and hanging portions on my wall above my computer. And the rest goes in my journal!”Sharon Hughes

Owner/Speaker, Launch Your Creativity

Katee is so easy to talk to and so generous with her advice. Before chatting with her, I felt confused and overwhelmed by how many ideas I had, but she definitely helped me focus on the best place to start. Thanks girl, I hope to work with you more in the future!?

Steph Ho

VA + Social Media Manager, Tea Break Digital

“I’ve just had the time to sit down and go through your email – you’re seriously awesome!

You rock at this!

You’ve given me direction, instructions and above all else you’ve made it seem ‘doable’. You’re the best! I’m sitting down tonight and I’m going to start my plans!!”


Be Yourself.

Find Your Purpose.

Use your Voice.

Make an Impact. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Find Your Unique Voice Today!