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Soul Trips started in February 2017 with a mission of giving people the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves through volunteering while on vacation. That’s what they like to call “travel with purpose.”

Their vision is to be able to offer one trip a month for all the people eager to travel to beautiful destinations and contribute to communities around the world.

Started by two friends after planning their own trips for years and working together planning trips and events for the companies and non-profits they worked with.

Together they decided that it was time to give other people the opportunity to experience what it meant to Travel with Purpose.

The best part of the Soul Trips experience is that all of the planning is taken care of!
They plan your entire experience from airport transfers, to meals, lodging, wellness activities, workshops, group outings, volunteer work, and beyond.

With a focus on giving back, they pride themselves in making an impact with every trip take.

Whether that is through volunteer their time as a group or donating to a community in need, you can be sure that you will find a bit of altruism in every soul trip, everywhere they go.

To date, they have worked with organizations in Mexico, India, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Europe, Argentina and many more!

I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Celi multiple times now and she is truly an inspiration when it comes to running a purposeful business. One of these days, I hope to hop in on one of her amazing trips to showcase more of what the full experience is like but until then, I highly recommend you check them out at

So what do you say? Should we put together a group collaboration with Soul Trips?

I surely think we should!

Leave your dream destination in the comments below!