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For me, mascara is a daily necessity.

(Despite my wonderful partner, Billy, who always says that I don’t need it)

There is just something about the way mascara instantly makes me look and feel more awake. The problem for me is that I am also notorious for rubbing my eyes… occasionally leaving me with some crazy panda eyes if it isn’t smudge-proof.

ENTER: The White Knight by PONi Cosmetics. 

My saving grace when it comes to mascara that doesn’t smear or run.

This world’s best mascara is also water resistant. Different to water proof in the sense that it won’t ever (ever, ever) run. Even if you take a dip in the pool or watch an emotional movie (hello, The Notebook) you can rest assured that those pandas won’t be anywhere to be seen. | PONi Cosmetics

The Best Waterproof Mascara

The best thing about this mascara is that it comes off with warm water! FINALLY, no more crazy makeup removers and scrubbing before bed.

And with 2 different brushes, you have a mascara that not only gives you great length but excellent volume as well. A total Win-Win for me, plus they are Cruelty-Free!


The Unicorn Champagne Highlighter adds the perfect shimmer for a night out!

Although this stunning shade can be worn both day and night, I am not one to put anything overly shiny before the sun goes down.
With that said, I am absolutely loving this stunning highlighter, also by PONi Cosmetics, for some shimmer and shine!

It is not over the top and adds just enough to create a subtle glistening when applied. Definitely one highlighter not to miss!

Overall, I really love these two products and look forward to trying more from their range of cosmetics. Their Lip Magic and Brow Kit are both at the top of my list.

Have you ever tried PONi Cosmetics before? If so, I would love to hear how you liked them!

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