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Hey Katee!

Remember back at your very first ice skating ⛸ competition when the music started and you managed to fall nearly straight away?

Do you remember what happened next?

That’s right, you brushed it off and kept on going with the program finishing in perfect time with the music 🎶.

Life is like a skating program.

There are jumps that make you feel on top of the world and falls that leave you with a bruised bottom (or knee, or elbow).

There are times where you are spinning around and around with ideas and footwork that make you laugh, cry, and try not to trip along the way.

Life is a journey and a good one at that.

But it’s not always going to be “easy”.

You are going to need to learn new things, practice, try, fall, fall again, fall once more, and then….

You land it! (Whatever it is you are after!)

And that is as beautiful as a figure skating routine because no matter how many falls, skaters always get back up and finish with poise and strength.

Don’t beat yourself up on those moments that aren’t perfect. Just know that getting up and continuing the routine is as impressive as anything!

Shout out to my coach Jill who was like a second mom to me for nearly 10 years. She taught me so much more than skating in that time and I’ll always be grateful for her support!