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Are you looking for a Natural Teeth Whitening Solution?

If so, this post is for you.

I have been a HUGE fan of the ever so lovely Aussie Mumpreneur named Lili for sometime now. When she approached me earlier in the year to try out her fabulous Charcoal Rescue Teeth Whitener I couldn’t say no!

That was about…. 6 months ago! And since then I have added this amazing product into my weekly routine to keep my teeth shining brighter than ever.

Cue my favorite song of the 90s!


ANYWAY… Back to business.

Since using her charcoal powder on my teeth 2-3 times per week, I have seen an insane difference in their whiteness.  

The charcoal works like a magnet to trap and remove toxins, stains and chemicals from your teeth and/pores. And the best part is that it is 100% natural charcoal made from coconut shells!

Fun Fact: I had no idea about it being made by coconut shells until checking out the FAQs page on

There are so many incredible solutions for natural health and beauty products and I am so excited each time that I learn something new.

What is one natural product that you love to use? Leave a comment below so that I can check them out!