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With a minimalistic approach to style but a maximized approach to making a difference, James Lucy Watches have entered the scene as a new business who we hope to see become a timeless classic.

James Lucy Watches Katee Blizzard Influencer

James Lucy is attempting to change the way the world thinks about consumerism. One step at a time, they want to make sure that profits from companies are given back to good causes around the world. Starting with watches, James Lucy will soon introduce a range of popular consumer products that give back.

What charity would you want to support?

They have a HUGE list available for you to choose from on their site. Find the list HERE!

I selected the Make A Wish Foundation as my charity because I been fundraising with for the past 11 years!

The goal of James Lucy is to to always donate AT LEAST 50% of their profits each year to various charities, as voted for by their customers.

Their #Time4 campaign is one that they are currently running across their social media handles to generate interest in the donations that they will be giving for 2018.

James Lucy Watches Katee Blizzard Influencer

My favorite thing about these watches, aside from their ability to make a difference, is that their straps are interchangeable! Meaning that I can stock up on all sorts of awesome bands to match whatever look I am after each day.


If you’d like to grab yourself, or someone you love, a watch that is making an Impact, be sure to check out the styles at and use the code Impact20 for 20% off your order.