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You know, it is pretty funny when I look back at it.

The day of the influencer photoshoot I woke up terrified. I was going back and forth in my head debating whether I should make the drive 30 minutes to go do a photoshoot with girls that, in my head, were more qualified, better looking, and would photograph way better than me.


Social Media Influencer | Impactful Influeners


My feelings deep down said “I won’t fit into the clothes that we would be modeling” and that I wouldn’t be the right “look” that they were going for.
I had all my makeup done and that’s when I did it.
I actually messaged the girl who put on the photo shoot to see if it was still happening because it looked like rain.
Fingers were crossed as I anxiously hoped she would reply
“Sorry, you’re right it’s getting canceled.”
That wasn’t what happened.
Instead, she said,
“Don’t worry we have an alternative location if we can’t do the photo shoot at the beach so no need to worry just come on over”.
Ok, well there’s that. I can’t say that I’m sick or anything like that because she knows I was just questioning the weather so what to do next?
Ultimately, I finally decided to just go because I knew that if I didn’t I would always fear what I’d missed out on.


I went ahead and drove up to the Gold Coast where I ended up meeting a group of girls that truly were amazing people inside and out.
Happy Influencer Girls | I am nervous about my photoshoot
The other “models” were all just as nervous as I was and after telling them that I almost didn’t show up, quite a few of them said they had the same doubts in their heads before coming to the shoot.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We put those negative thoughts into our head and convince ourselves that we are not enough as we are. Because we don’t have the same “look” that the beautiful and famous girls and guys on Instagram flaunt while getting paid sponsorships to go travel to far of lands and strut about in a bikini? NO. That is not a good enough reason.

Impactful Influencer | Katee BlizzardThe reason is that we do not recognize OUR OWN GREATNESS that lives inside of us.

Each of us are unique and beautiful in our own way. My vision is to make this whole influencer thing about much more than looks and likes.

For me, I want to use my voice and my influence to impact the world through supporting causes and businesses that I BELIEVE IN. Not just because they are paying me, but because I truly believe in their message and their mission.

Remember that who you are right now, at this very moment, is more than enough!

You have the power to make an impact as an influencer and I would absolutely love to support you on your journey.

For the girls on edge of attending an Influencer Shoot or even just working 1:1 with local brands to build your portfolio, JUST DO IT!

I promise that you will be happy that you did.

Please reach out anytime at all! I would love to meet more of you reading these posts and help you in any way that I can whether you are looking to become an influencer/blogger/business owner etc.

My passion is to help people see where they can step into their greatness so that the world is impacted by what you do best!

Katee Blizzard | Impactful Influencer

Thank you to all of the amazing brands involved with this shoot including Jessie June The Label , Bohemian Flora, Natasha V Beauty, River Hazel Photography, The Glamping Life & Conk & Co.
P.S. Never, EVER, stop being you no matter what!