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“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”  – Mother Teresa  


Have you ever met someone and instantly connected? 

Help end poverty by purchasing creative accessories that give back.

That is exactly how I felt the first time that I chatted with the inspiring Emma from Grace and Able. Emma is a woman who strives to live out life with grace in everything she does while also enable others to live out better lives.

Her life philosophy is “By grace I am able to be here, to do more and provide opportunity to others to be able to do more.” 

This philosophy is entwined with her business which not only brings you stunning jewelry and accessories, but also allows you to truly connect with the artisans who have created each piece.

After working with their founder, Emma, on her social media and marketing plans early this year, I knew that a collaboration was in order so that you could see and learn more about their mission which truly captured my heart.

Grace & Able is a jewellery brand that is working to end poverty through creative business solutions.  With a love of design and flair for fashion, their purpose is to equip, enable and empower people who are marginalised through the creation of jobs and opportunity.

Through their enterprise, Grace & Able are providing dignified jobs with fair income to artisans in remote locations. They also offer them training or literacy lessons as well! Grace and Able has also begun a health and well-being project aimed at helping disadvantaged women manage their menstrual cycle.

#WearTheChange | Accessories helping to end poverty

One incredible thing to note on their site is their Code of Ethics, which sets forth the key principles under which the company and our affiliates are required to operate. It’s great to see more and more business being so forthcoming with their policies and we can only hope to see the trend continue.

When you shop with Grace and Able  you are buying from an Artisan who has poured their heart into their work. My favorite thing about their jewelry the story included with every item. It gives you a glimpse into the life of the artisan and helps to put a face to the hands that made it!

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