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With summer just around the corner for us here in Australia, the sun is shining brighter than ever.

Having blue eyes means that I have to be ultra cautious of the amount of sunlight my eyes are exposed to and wear sunglasses whenever I go outside.

I am so excited to finally have my Archer Eyewear sunglasses that are now a staple to my day to day life. These amazing polarized sunglasses fit like a charm and never slide off my nose unlike other sunglasses that I have owned in the past.

With a variety of styles to choose from that fit various face shapes, I was amazed with the selections that I fell in love with. And with their commitment to making an impact, I was sold instantly!

The goal of Archer Eyewear are to make everyone feel amazing in their shades while giving back to the environment.

Their business is teamed up with Carbon Neutral who specialise in biodiverse conservation! For every pair of sunglasses sold, a native tree is planted in Western Australia’s northern agricultural region. So, not only will you look great in your new shades but you’re also helping to build forests!Archer Eyewear Trees Katee Blizzard Influencer

The style I selected was the Chelsea for its slick yet fun design which can be found HERE. It is handmade from natural wood and lightweight for comfort. Every pair has its own unique wood patterns so they are as individual as you.

To save 15% off your order, be sure to use the code IMPACT15. With this code you will also receive free shipping Australia Wide!


P.s. Be sure to check out their foldable case which fits perfectly in your purse or pocket!