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Airy Essentials is an Aussie Brand that is using their essential oils to spread the message of mindful living while also giving back to our Aussie Farmers going through hardship and drought.

What I love most about Airy Essentials is how they strive to give back to Mother Nature as it is the living source of their products. Their packaging is biodegradable and they also do all that they can to avoid the use of plastic.

As someone quite new in the world of essential oils, I have been slowly adding more and more into my daily routine. For starters, I have begun adding drops of Lavender Oil to my moisturizer before bed to put me in a relaxed state. Lavender has also been super hepful for my migranes that come every so often.

Through my time working as an Au Pair for kids with Autism, I saw the power of using lavender oil before bed. Before using the oils, the kids were always hyper at night and putting them to bed was a mission. When the parents and I began to rub the lavender on their feet, it would help them to settle down and fall asleep nearly instantly!

My personal favorite is the Mandarin which helps me to stay balanced and fully present in the moment during my long work days. It is fresh enough to wake me up and keep my eyes on the task at hand each day.

You can learn a bit more about below.

Airy Essentials | Natural Essential Oils | Katee Blizzard's Review

“Mandarin Oil is rooted in the ancient Chinese culture. Used for thousands of years in traditional medicine to regulate Chi. Citrus Reticulata is great for balance. Unlike some of its citrus family, Mandarin oil is calming and healing. Also, it has been used widely in Ayurvedic medicine for improving digestive health, insomnia and even to reduce stretch marks.” Airy Essentials

I want to know, do you use essential oils? If so, comment below with your favourites!