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Check out 10 of my top socially conscious gifts from 2018.

These are a few of my favorite brands that I discovered in 2018 and hope that you love them as much as I do!


1. JAMES LUCY WATCHES – With a minimalistic approach to style but a maximized approach to making a difference, James Lucy Watches have entered the scene as a new business who makes an impact with each gift sold.


Holiday gifts with purpose

2. Archer Eyewear – The goal of Archer Eyewear is to make everyone feel amazing in their shades while giving back to the environment. Since getting my pair, I nearly always have them on. This year, this brand is at the top of my list for giving with purpose.


Sunglasses for a Cause - Katee Blizzard

3. Grace & Able – Ending poverty one piece of handmade jewellery at a time. They even have a bead set perfect for crafty kids! ($22 AUD)

Purchase with Purpose


4. PONI COSMETICS – PONi is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies makeup because she looks good and she feels powerful. My personal favorites are the Black Knight Mascara and the Unicorn Highlighter!

The Best Waterproof MascaraBest Highlighter | PONi Cosmetics

5. ESMI SKIN MINERALS – ESMI is committed to making high-quality vegan & cruelty-free skin care for all skin types. There Charcoal Serum is my go-to as it seriously is the best when it comes to skin detox.

ESMI Skin Minerals All Natural Vegan SkincareESMI Skin Minerals All Natural Vegan Skincare

6. Charcoal Rescue – Charcoal Rescue is an Australian Owned Company committed to bringing you high-quality Charcoal based products. Their teeth whitener has been my go-to all year and my smile is brighter than ever!

Charcoal Rescue All Natural Teeth Whitening Katee Blizzard

7. Lip Lip – Developed after struggling to find a lip balm for her daughters ultra sensitive skin, Lip Lip believes that simple is best and that lip care does not have to be complicated. Their summer scents are my new fave! Definitely try the Mango if you can.

Lip Lip Lip Balm Trio

Self Care / Homeware

8. TIGS & BOO– This is my new go-to, has it all, shop! Featuring organic skincare, healthy living products, vegan & organic baby products that can be shipped worldwide. Check out the Indie & Mae selection of beautiful self-care goodness!

9. AIRY ESSENTIALS– Airy Essentials strives to give back to Mother Nature as it is the living source of their products. They also have beautiful diffuser necklaces that are the perfect gift for an essential oil lover.

Airy Essentials | Natural Essential Oils | Katee Blizzard's Review

And lastly,


Because we all know that we all have it at the top of our internal wishlist.

10. SOUL TRIPS– Soul Trips started with a mission of giving people the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves through volunteering while on vacation. That’s what they like to call “travel with purpose.”

Let me know if you try any of them! And also, I would love for you to share your favorite socially conscious brands in a comment below.